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Get Our Top 3Email Automation Blueprints

Unlock Higher Email ROI With Simple Automations That Enhance Customer Experience

Look, I’m a copywriter but I can tell you:

You can send out the best emails in the world, but if your email marketing system isn’t tuned the right way, you’ll be wasting your time.

Use the blueprints in this quick free guide to establish a solid email system that ensures deliverability, boosts customer experience and guarantees a high ROI.

Inside, you’ll discover the most important email automations:

  • The Mind-Changer: recover lost sales through this simple autoresponder that directly targets your most likely buyers before you lose them.
  • The Warm Welcome: a proven onboarding sequence that ensures your leads stick around and later buy from you. Don’t miss this if you care about your subscribers.
  • The Purchase Predictor: the 100-year-old secret of direct mailers selling hundred-millions worth of products can now be turned into a simple automation. This is how.

Plus: What you can do to keep your email list fresh and full of active subscribers and get rid of the inactives that just waste your resources.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve shut this automation down until I figure out GDPR.I don’t want our glorious EU overlords to fine me. But since I rarely drive traffic to my website, this is low priority on my never-ending to-do list. Until then, feel free to reach out and ask for this PDF. I’ll send it to you as soon as I read your message. Without you having to pay anything or engage in small talk.

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