What Makes Or Breaks High-ROI Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a complex subject. The email itself is only a part of what makes campaigns a success.

To be able to send out high-ROI emails, there are 2 more key areas besides copy you’ll need to pay close attention to.

Let’s see them all...


Email Deliverability

To get your marketing emails opened, read, clicked, and acted upon you first need them delivered.


It might seem straightforward, yet most business owners I’ve come across don’t put enough effort into deliverability.

Here are a couple quick tips you can follow to get your emails delivered:

At a minimum, use the same from name and email address for most of your mailings. And have an onboarding system in place that tells your subscribers to whitelist that name + email.

Next up, you could set up smart segmentation and automation rules that ensure better deliverability.

One of these automations is one that gets rid of inactive subscribers so your email provider doesn’t get the message that people consider your emails irrelevant. In my free guide, I’ll show you how to set one up.

There are also more advanced tips and tricks, but in this blog post, I just want to cover the most important stuff.

Email List Segmentation

Segmenting your list based on activity, behavior, and interests will get you better email marketing results than anything else.

The sooner you start doing it the easier it will be to keep track of everything important for your business.

To get the job done easily, I recommend an email marketing system that supports tags, such as Active Campaign. You can probably do most of this with a lists-only email marketing system, but it will cause you more headaches than necessary.

Here are some ideas on what to do with it…

First, you should segment your list based on activity. Sort users who are most actively engaging with your emails. Test your promos on them first. Send the promotions that work on your best audience to the rest of your audience. Get rid of the inactives.

Then you could also set up interest-based segmentation: whatever sub-topic of your email marketing newsletter interests a segment, make sure you know exactly. This can include specific promotions they’ve participated in, too.

Another profitable trick is to set up automations based on user behavior. Segment your subscribers based on how often, how much, and how frequently they have bought from you.

A good automation for this is the one I share in my free automation blueprints. Go ahead and check ‘em out if you want to boost your sales.

Email Marketing Copy

Finally, there’s email copy. It’s still very important! But I write about it only in the third place because the previous two steps ensure whatever copy you’re using, it’s going to do better.

When it comes to writing your emails, there are many different schools of thought.

I believe in shorter, punchy emails that are mildly entertaining, bring home one core point per email, and always use a call to action. My emails don’t hard-teach. That’s what blogs and ebooks are for.

Others will write emails that only play with people’s curiosity to get them to click through to a blog post or sales page.

Others will write really long emails with deep insights.

Most of these methods work too. Consider your business needs and your subscribers’ wants when choosing one.

Whatever you end up picking, writing subject lines that get opens will be important. It’s an artform in itself, so I’m not going to try and tell you how to do that in this blog post. Maybe in a later one.

But you can save yourself a considerable amount of headaches if you hire someone to take care of your email marketing needs, writing included. That’s what I do over here.

Feel free to reach out.

Or if you want to tinker with your system yourself, let my free guide help you with proven blueprints that increase email marketing ROI.

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