How To Create Click-Through Boosting Advertorials, Even If You Can’t Write

If you want successful native ad campaigns that bring you lots of subscribers, this process will help you - and it doesn’t involve much writing.


As a copywriter for hire I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but good writing doesn't matter. Not if you want lots of subscribers and sales. Especially if you plan to use native advertising in your marketing.

Let me explain.

When you release your carefully crafted new blog post into the wild, hectic world of online articles, a couple things will happen. First, it will be published among thousands of similar posts. Second, no one will give a damn about it.

Not unless you make them care…

The Only 3 Sentences That Matter

To make them care, you’ll need to spend most of your writing time on the three most important sentences you’ll ever write in your advertorial.

That’s your headline and lead copy. (The lead being the first few sentences after your headline.)

Because that’s all your prospects will see before they decide to read your content. That’s where you need to grab their attention.

To create a great headline and lead, you don’t need to be a great writer. You just need a great idea.

A concept that works well with your business goals. Done right, the rest of the article can be fairly average, and it’s still going to work really well.

To increase your chances of winning, your advertorial should be similar to other advertorials that have proven themselves by attracting a huge volume of clicks, subscribers, and sales. Yet, it must be different enough so ad fatigue doesn’t kill your campaign before it starts.  

Here’s how to find that elusive winning concept...

Get Inspired, But Don’t Get Caught

Most successful ad concepts today have been around for decades.

As a copywriter, I’ve gathered hundreds and hundreds of pages worth of proven headlines. For some, I have the corresponding ads too.

When I set out to write a new advertorial, I’ll take a look at my collection of all the successful ones, mix and match ideas, and create new concepts out of them that works.

It doesn’t mean I just copy old headlines though. Far from it. But I don’t try to produce something entirely original either.

Chances are, I won’t figure out anything better alone in front of my little laptop than what’s been proven to work by hundreds of advertisers, spending millions of dollars, over years of testing. And no offense, but you probably won’t either.

So stick to proven ideas, and base your campaigns on them.

Once your concept is on-point, and your headline is interesting enough? You don’t have to sweat the rest of your article.

Sure it must be informative, entertaining, and easy to read. But that’s the easy part. Most of your brainpower should be spent on the native ad’s concept and the right headline + lead that best hints at it.

That’s why you don’t need to have impressive writing skills. You can still create an advertorial that gets you all the clicks, subscribers, and sales your tiny heart desires.

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