How To Write
Native Ads
That Don’t Suck

Escape Indifference, Stop Annoying Your Buyers, And Create Ads That Are Better Than Most Web Content

It’s 2018. The race for clicks is getting tense like your CFO near tax season. Your customers’ attention is more elusive than a stripper’s love.

You’ve got great products and you’re trying to produce content that makes them see it.

But how could they?

Your average customer’s 1.5 hours a day mindless browsing experience is already taken up. They have plenty of opportunities for sweet, effortless escapism...

Fun lists, the latest scandals, breaking news, emotional stories, exciting ideas, and memes…

Or your lame ads…

They won’t choose you.

Unless… you find a way to make your ads more interesting or entertaining than most of the other stuff they could click on.

In this quick report, I’ll show you how to write engaging and effective ads that will get you all the leads, sales, and shares you need.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The Big Question you’ve got to ask yourself before you start writing
  • How to hack your customer’s attention based on what they’re reading
  • 3 no-brainer advertorial types that work 8 times out of 10
  • The biggest blunders you can commit when writing your ads
  • 3 example native ad campaigns that already proved their worth

PLUS: the secret “shower test” to predict if your advertorial is going to be a home run before running ANY traffic to it.

DISCLAIMER: I've shut this automation down until I figure out GDPR.
I don't want our glorious EU overlords to fine me. But since I rarely drive traffic to my website, this is low priority on my never-ending to-do list. Until then, feel free to reach out and ask for this PDF. I'll send it to you as soon as I read your message. Without you having to pay anything or engage in small talk.

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