Here are some of the nice things people have said about working with me as a copywriter and marketer...

"David, you have a great ear for conversation. I can actually 'hear' someone say this. "

- John Carlton
The most ripped off writer on the web & the most respected writing teacher alive.

"David wrote to us with a terrific application letter and impressed us right away with his ability to pin-point customers' hopes, dreams, desires, and pain points - as well as his ability to get things done quickly.

He brought a lot to our research process and had a unique idea that helped us get customer insights at a glance - something I'd not heard of anyone doing before, or since.

David helped us writing copy for lead magnet pages (to maximise email sign-ups), writing post-purchase emails (to ensure engagement), as well as putting together 360 content marketing plans.

He did a great job and was a pleasure to work with."

- Edward Druce
TED Speaker, Agency Co-Founder

"David was very responsive and completed the job quickly. He is an excellent writer and I will be working with him again in the future."

- Elliot Hutchens
Business consultant, Entrepreneur, Technical Engineer

"I believe that meeting David was a huge win for my business.

Not only did he write great copy, but he took the time to understand the business model, and suggest different approaches on how to best present the service.

Overall, I'd gladly recommend David for any project you might have. He will prove himself to be of great value to anyone who needs not only quality copy, but also someone who can act as a business partner."

- J.B. Lesage
Tech entrepreneur

"David is excellent copywriter! I would not hire anyone else. David was great to work with, communicated clearly, gave extra suggestions on persuasion we could implement and delivered exactly what we needed. On budget, on time."

- Aram Movsisyan
Media Production Company CEO

"David was one of the best contractors I've ever worked with. Man did this guy hustle. Everything was a few days turn around and aside from the quality of his work, the best part was his communication. He adopted the project tools I requested and was literally 2-3x as fast and communicative as others on different but similar projects. "

- Ian Hunter
Online Business Owner, Entrepreneur