What Are Native Ads And Why Businesses Should Care?

If you're a business owner frustrated with ever-increasing click prices, low click-through rates, or the general indifference of your prospects towards your advertising... consider this:


Traditional forms of online advertising are going down the gutter.

In 2018, the age-old advertising adage holds truer than ever: people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.

This shows on their online content consumption and shopping habits too.

Users will spend hours on their social media accounts. They'll browse the pages of their favorite brands. But god forbid you show them ads!

They're installing ad blockers at record numbers. If they don't do it themselves, the newest browsers come with ad blockers equipped by default.

It's all the same trend.

People are getting more conscious about online advertising every day. Their attention is now hard to catch if you don't match their existing habits. If they sniff out something's just an ad (and doesn't otherwise add value to their experience), they'll scroll past it faster than you can yell "buy my shit."

Companies such as Facebook and Google all thrive on users having a great experience, and thus want to keep their goodwill. They are trying to serve less advertisements in quantity, but they want them to be higher quality.

They are focusing on the biggest brands now that can afford to produce studio-quality content.

This trend is the reason why your cost per click (CPC) is ever-increasing with both Google and Facebook.

It's why the rules are getting stricter and stricter.

That's why campaigns which were perfectly OK in the past now get your accounts shut down.

So what can a regular business owner like you do?

Introducing... Native Advertising

Since people will always be interested in content that matches their needs and mildly entertains them... there will always be online space for native ads.

Native ads are advertisements that match the content native to the publishers they appear on. In other words, they are ads that look, feel, and act like editorial content. They offer value on their own.

They are entertaining or educational or both. Without the reader having to buy something. (But good native ads make them buy anyway.)

You might have heard about native ads by the name of sponsored content or advertorials.

It's all the same.

It’s not a new idea either. The first advertorials were displayed in newspapers and magazines.

But now smart businesses are bringing it online in the form of blog posts, articles, and even video. It’s big on mobile, tablets, and desktops too.

And it’s growing.

Adyoulike (a native ads AI platform) projected that from the 11.5 billion USD ad spend in 2015, North America’s spending on native ads will amount to 22.6 billion USD in 2018.

What’s even better, users don’t seem to mind. Because if the native ad is good enough, they won’t even notice it’s an ad!

So all things considered, it’s not a trend you want to be left out of as a business owner looking to sell more.

If you want to learn what makes good native advertising and how to avoid the most common blunders, I’ve got a quick free guide for you.

Download it here today before I take it down:

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