Why Most Customer Surveys Aren’t Reliable

Zig Ziglar said you can get anything in life if you help people get what they want.

But what he didn't tell you? More often than not, people have no idea what they want.

Doubt me? Just ask your SO what they want to eat tonight...

No, seriously. Ask them.

8 times out of 10, they don't really know.

It's part of the human condition. It's pretty rare we get to sit around and ponder what makes us happy.

Most of what we think we want is nothing but a fragile little dream not even strong enough to get us to action.

And we're even worse at telling others what we want.

That's why most surveys are wrong.

They get superficial answers on the "desire" side that rarely cover actual motivations.

But there's something else you can do...

You can always ask people what they don't want.

If you do that? Get ready, because they have a pretty good idea of that and they'll tell you.

Take that insight, turn it around, work with it, and you'll soon know what your audience wants.

For real this time.

Makes sense?

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How To Create A Surge Of New Buyers Without Spending More On Ads

There's a way to create a surge of new buyers any time. And you don't even need to spend extra on ads.

Last week, I've seen this happen first-hand...

There was a popular investment opportunity in Hungary. Government-backed for years.

It was popular, but it still needed to be sold... Sales reps calling, TV and radio spots, online ads, posters and promos everywhere.

Except for last week.

When it got out the government will no longer back these type of investments made after Tuesday.

Just like that - it became a seller's market.

People lined up at banks, called sales reps... even asked their friends if they know anyone who can sign them up before the end of Tuesday.

As a marketer, it was fun to watch.

The FOMO was strong.

(That's Fear Of Missing Out.)

And you can take advantage of it too... whenever you need a surge of new buyers storming your door.

There are many ways to do that.

Giving your prospects a hard deadline to buy is one of them.

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What Makes Or Breaks High-ROI Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a complex subject. The email itself is only a part of what makes campaigns a success.

To be able to send out high-ROI emails, there are 2 more key areas besides copy you’ll need to pay close attention to.

Let’s see them all...

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